Implementation Coaching Event™

The LAST EVER Implementation Coaching Event is February 11-12, 2016!  Reserve Your Seat NOW...

Create, Grow and Implement Your Way To Making More Money...Fast!
It’s Not About Motivation & Inspiration,
 It’s About Implementation!

Live In Atlanta!
February 11-12, 2016

What is The Implementation Coaching Event™?

The Implementation Coaching Event™ is the event where you discover that building a successful business isn’t about MOTIVATION & INSPIRATION… it’s about

At the Implementation Coaching EventI Pull Back The Curtains and Share the EXACT Secrets and Steps I use in my own business (to get so much done and make more money every single year)…it’s exactly the same things I use to help Clients make money fast too!

You'll discover how I've helped clients, just like you, go from 0 to 6 figures in 90 days, or less, multiple times and have taken clients to 7 figures ($1,000,000) and beyond in as little as 12 months.

Over the course of our 2 Days together you will get practical, usable, real life ways to Double Your Income (not just theory, but the real scoop on what's working NOW!) AND, you'll actually do it right there while we're'll get more done in our 2 days together than you have in the previous 60-90 days…GUARANTEED!

Discover the EXACT STEPS AND FORMULAS so you can accelerate your business results, not only while we’re together in Atlanta, but every day from now on in your business!

And, the BEST NEWS is it’s not about you working harder and doing more…As a matter of fact, just the opposite is true!

WHY The Implementation Coaching Event™?

Over the past 17 years, I’ve attended a lot of events and watched and listened as people complained about nothing changing in their businesses after they attended these events.

Honestly, that upsets me, irritates me, frustrates me, makes me mad (even angry), saddens me, and is one of my pet peeves (of which there seem to be many as I get older…)

I have never understood how this could happen!

  • How can you invest 2 of your most precious assets…your time and your money…and then not make more money in your business?
  • How can things just go back to the status quo with you working, working, working…doing it, doing it, doing it…and absolutely nothing changes…your profits don’t increase and you don’t make any more money or free up any of your time? 
  • Why have we gotten to a place in our  businesses where that is in any way, shape or form ok?  

So, I decided to do something about this crazy phenomenon and actually help you implement and make changes in your business, right there on the spot, live at the event and show you not only how to GSDF (Get Stuff Done…Fast!)  

The Implementation Coaching Event™, was designed specifically for you!  You bring the things you want to complete (you know, those things that are really important, and will make you money, that you just never seem to have the time to get to) and that is exactly what you'll do during our time together...Get Important Things Done!

Here are a few examples of what others have done in our 2 days together:

  • Outlined their entire book and started writing it
  • Wrote a 7-step email sequence, loaded it in their CRM, and sent the first step in the sequence
  • Launched a new course
  • Completed their business and marketing plan
  • Developed Free Offer
  • Edited copy for their website and posted in live to the site
  • Hired a new team member
  • Executed a full marketing funnel 
  • And much more...

See, my goal is to change the horrible statistic that only 6% of small business owners make $100,000 or more and make it say that only 6% don’t make that much (that would mean 94% of all small business owners make $100,000 or more and that seems more like what it should be…

See, my goal is to change the horrible statistic that only 6% of small business owners make $100,000 or more and make it say that only 6% don’t make that much (that would mean 94% of all small business owners make $100,000 or more and that seems more like what it should be…

It’s Time To Change This Statistic…
Only 6% of All Small Business Owners
Ever Make $100,000

To be…

94% of All Small Business Owners
Make $100,000 or More Every Year

And that’s how The Implementation Coaching Event™ came about.

It’s time to change how things are being done! It’s time for you to actually get things done at an event so when you get back to your office, you see results and make more money quickly…in Days, not Months, not Years (or Never)!

And, it's also time for an event to be customized to you and your needs, so you get out of it what you want and what you need...instead of what the event host wants you to get or what they think you need!  The Implementation Coaching Event™ is exactly that...a customized event...specifically designed so you complete what you want to complete with live coaching help available on the spot! 

Finally an event that is designed with YOU in mind!

“I Highly Suggest You Take Time Out Of Your Business To Come To This Event”

In only 2 days at Diane Conklin’s Implementation Caching Event I’ve learned a ton of stuff. 

I highly, highly suggest you take time out of your day, out of your business and come for the 2 days and really get some stuff done, work with like-minded people and learn a ton of stuff from Diane.

Amy Sinclair

“The Is THE Event I’ve Been
Looking For”

“This is THE event I have been looking for! Great ideas, Great motivation, Great implementation, Great networking.
This event has jumpstarted next year better than anything else I could do.”

Chris Hardy
Paramount Investment Advisors
Atlanta, GA

“If You’re Working Harder Than
You Need To You Need To Get
To This Event”

I’ve had a wonderful 2 days here at Diane Conklin’s Event, implementing my strategy, having a tactical plan and I’ve also learning some up-to-date information about marketing.

If you are working IN your business and working harder than you need to, do whatever it takes to get to Diane Conklin’s events the next time, and every time she holds one.

Kim Kennedy
Health & Wellness Coach
Atlanta, Georgia


(Or maybe we should call it stuck in your computer files help since so many things are digital now)

And Unlike many SO CALLED Experts teaching these days…

I Actually Do What I'm Going To Show You How To Do...Every Single Day!

As a matter of fact, I'm known as the Implementation Queen to my clients because I get things done so fast and help them do exactly the same thing...all of which leads to everyone making more money than ever before!

A former boss called me "The Executioner," because I got so much stuff done when I worked for him (no, not because I executed anyone...)

I am down in the trenches with my sleeves rolled up working for results EVERY DAY (for myself and my clients)!  

And now, I’m going to lay all my cards on the table and show you EVERYTHING!!! The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly so you know what you should and shouldn’t do for your business to maximize your results and to grow your profits the fastest way possible

Why Should You Do This Now?

The most important reason you should do this now and not wait is THIS IS ABSOLUTELY THE LAST TIME I AM EVER DOING THIS EVENT!  

You read that right...and this is not like the Cher Farewell tour...this really is the last time the Implementation Coaching Event™ is going to happen. I've been doing this event for two years and while my clients love it, it's time to retire I am. If you've been thinking about coming to this event and rocking it out on implementing, then NOW is the time - it's your LAST chance!

And, the other reason you should do this now is that it’s confusing these days!  There is a lot of bad information out there and there are many THEORIES that just plain do not work. And, to be honest there are a lot of people out there teaching things they have never done (for themselves or for clients) and things they have no idea if they work or not!

There seems to be a race to grow your business and to get the results YOU want. Yet there are so few proven systems that you can implement to get you there. And too many people are trying to sell you on the idea that there is one system, one cookie-cutter system… that will miraculously work for everyone who uses it…AND, I'm here to tell you that simply isn’t true!

Cookie-Cutter, One-Stop Shop Type “Systems” Do Not Work

What works are individualized, custom programs fit specifically for you and your business…that’s what we do at the Implementation Coaching Event.™ You have time to work ON your business with me there to help you, to answer your every question and to give you a plan that’s your plan…not a one size fits all plan for everyone in the room…those don’t work! 

So, it’s time to…

  • Clear Up Your Confusion
  • Focus on the Right Things 
  • Eliminate Your Feelings Of Overwhelm & Frustration...Once & For All
  • Get On The Path to Doubling Your Income
  • And...Be More Productive in Just 2 Days Than You Have Been in Any Other 90 Day Period in Your Business 
What Others are Saying about The Implementation Event™...
“Amazing! Now, I Have A Clear
 Strategy For Taking My Business
 To The Next Level”

“I just finished two of the most wonderful days with Diane Conklin at her Implementation Coaching Event. I definitely came out of this event with a clear focus and a clear strategy for taking my business to that next level…which I was completely afraid to do before I attended this event. 

If you are thinking about attending this event with Diane, I highly recommend it.  You’re going to have a blast so come prepared.  Be ready to get a lot of stuff done that will move your business forward right at the event.

It is amazing… the event is amazing!

Thank you Diane.”

Ajla Kamber
Acworth, Georgia

“I Implemented & Made Money Before The Event Was Even Over”

“I loved the focus of this event – which was implementation and making money!  It was so great to get information that I can use immediately and to have the opportunity to get something done and actually make money before the event was over - truly amazing! The networking with like-minded people was invaluable.”

Ed Pudlo
Chicago, IL

“This Has Been Great…I'm Coming To The Next Event”

“I’ve been with Diane for the last two days at her event.  This has been a wonderful experience. I’ve learned a whole lot about measuring, implementing, making money and more. I have got some great ideas for a new business I want to start. 

I’m so glad I came that I'm already signed up too come to Diane’s next event!”

Janice Pope
Raleigh, NC
Anything But Boring

It’s Time For You To Own Your Business Instead of A Job
(Or Your Business Owning You)

Who is The Implementation Coaching Event™ For?
  • If you own a business and are looking to take it to the next level…you’re ready for the Next Big Thing, the Big Jump, the Quantum Leap in your business
  • If you’re the bottleneck in your business and things often get stuck or stop at your desk
  • If you feel like something is missing but you can’t quite put your finger on it
  • If you’re looking for something different instead of the same old, same old
  • If you feeling like there has to be Something More to your business and your life but you just haven’t been able to put your finger on what needs to be changed
  • focus
  • If you want Individual Attention for your business but you aren’t ready to invest thousands or tens of thousands of dollars to get it
  • If you’re feeling Overwhelmed and are ready for some relief
  • If you find getting and staying Focused a challenge
  • Time has become the one thing you never have enough of and you can’t seem to get the Important things done because you’re constantly putting out fires for your clients and your team
  • You’re so busy doing the work that you have no time to think about, let alone plan for, the next minute and certainly not the next week, month or quarter
“Was Worth So Much More Than I Invested To Come”

“I loved this conference…it was worth so much more than what I invested to come.

I was missing the financial and marketing calendar pieces so this really helped put it all together for me.

There was a lot of time to get questions answered and I desperately needed that. I worked with a coach for more than a year and Diane helped me with my strategy and answered more questions with ease in these couple days than I got out of that entire year.

Thanks for your positive energy, Diane, and the great support you gave us.”

Sandra Templeton
Hollywood, FL

“Coming To This Event Is The Right Decision…I Got More Done In 2 Days Than In The Last 3 Months Working On My Own”

“I definitely made the right decision coming to this event. I accomplished more during the Implementation Coaching Event than I have in the last 3 months when I was focusing on planning and growing my business on my own.

I learned so many things to elevate and grow my business.

Thanks Diane.”

Kim Harper
Penguin Innovations
Atlanta, GA

“Get Yourself To The Next Implementation Event”

We have had an incredible couple of days, in Atlanta at Diane event. We’ve had a really significant amount of butt in seat time to sit down and actually do stuff, instead of just getting motivated and hearing about it, and then going back and saying ‘Ahh, I’ve got too much to do’ and none of it actually happening.

Talk about an incredible value.

If you are in need of ideas for actually getting things done and making real money in your business, and not just inspirational stuff, get yourself here to Diane's event. Join us, it will be worth your while.

Shelly Stokes
Alexandria, Minnesota

Let’s talk about MOST other Marketing, Money Making & Business Building events...

A Lot Of Other Events End Up Being “Feel Good” Events Or Multi-Speaker Pitch Fests...

I don’t even like to call this an event or a conference, because it’s truly unlike any other event you’ve ever been to or experienced. The Implementation Coaching Event™ is where you will experience…

  • A Mini-Mastermind Type Setting
  • Implementation EventLike-Minded People
  • A Small, Intimate Gathering Where You Have Plenty of Time To Ask Questions & Get Personalized Attention (no more than 49 other people will be in the room with you)
  • Real Clarity Around Your Next Steps And The Details For Growing Your Business (or Maintaining It, If That’s Your Goal)
  • A Fun, Creative, Innovative Atmosphere That’s Relaxed & Comfortable So You Can Maximize Your Time, Effort & Results
  • Real-Life, Business Doubling, Profit Making, Results Oriented Tips that you can use immediately to Double Your Income...FAST!
Nothing Will Change If You Just Keep Trying To Do Everything on Your Own

At this point, you might be questioning whether you really need an event like this or not…and the answer is simple…

YES, yes you do!

Here’s what I know for sure…

97% of all business owners won’t take the time out of their busy schedules to really look at their business and make strategic decisions about how to move forward in the manner that makes sense for YOU…to build your business around the lifestyle you want instead of the other way around (building your life around your business).

It’s ALWAYS the 3% - 6%...

  • 3% of the population set goals and they are the ones making the most money
  • Only 6% of small business owners will ever make 6 figures in their businesses
  • Reading2% make a commitment and take the positive action that’s required to fulfill those commitments to their business
  • 3% realize they need help, that they can’t do it on their own and that they don’t need to reinvent the wheel, but instead can and should learn from others who are truly experts at what they want to know and do
  • About 5% of the people who invest in your programs, products or services will ever actually DO anything that’s in them

It’s time for you to be one of the 3% to 6%...

Are you ready?

The Implementation Coaching Event™...
  • Implementation Coaching EventIs NOT a Pitch Fest: There are NO high-pressure PRODUCT pitches at the event!
  • Is not an event with speaker after speaker!  You get me and me alone for 2 days. No bringing in outside speakers who stand up in the front of the room and try to get you to buy their stuff and take the focus off you Implementing for your business growth.
  • Marketing CalendarIs a live learning experience that allows you to leave with the real, actionable steps already done and a complete step-by-step, day-by-day plan and marketing calendar for you and your team to grow your business and your profits in the next 100 days.
  • Is 100% CURRENT!  Everything is based on what is working NOW.  In fact you leave with your 100 Day Marketing & Business Implementation Blueprint to use in your business so start generating results (money and profits) right away.
Ideas Make You Feel Good, but

There are plenty of events out there that you can invest your hard earned money in and you’ll leave feeling good, motivated, inspired and with more ideas than you’ll ever be able to implement and make money with in your lifetime!

Most of the time, after a few days, or a few weeks, all the “feel good” goes away and you’re back to the daily grind you call your business and nothing has really changed.

All the “feel good” in the world isn’t going to help you Double Your Income, increase your profits, find a way to take more time off, or add leverage to your business so you can get more done!

Now, don’t get me wrong, mindset is important and if you don’t feel good about your life and your business not much positive is going to happen.

planning AND, you know it takes more than that to succeed. If it didn’t you could just sit around feeling good and meditating all day long and your business profits would soar, money would just fall from the sky…but that doesn’t happen...that's not how it works!

You have to Implement and actually take action to get positive results and Double Your Income! 


If you’re wondering if this is worth it, it is…

As a matter of fact, it’s easily worth 10X the investment you make: 

4 Reasons Why The Implementation Coaching Event™ Is A Bargain At 10X The Price:

  1. It’s the highest and best use of Your Time. During The Implementation Coaching Event™, you will receive approximately 17 hours of full value, no fluff, real deal, make you money fast knowledge you can implement immediately to increase your profits. Imagine how much that will do for your business.  When you invest this time working ON your business, imagine how much more successful you will become.  And the best part is the ONLY place you can get this knowledge, time and this kind of one-on-one expert help is at The Implementation Coaching Event™.

    I know this is a fact, because I’ve personally invested in events and training courses for 17 years and nobody else is doing this.  This is the Best Investment you can make in your business! 

    You could spend months working on your own and still not implement a fraction of the pure money-making, income doubling information you will in our short time together.
  2. Guaranteed Income Growing Implementation! Time is one of the very few things you can’t get, or make more of, and it should be valued as an asset. Once the moment or the opportunity is gone, you can’t get it back. 

    At the Implementation Coaching Event™ you will not only spend time doing things, you will invest time implementing and planning exactly what you want and need to be doing to move your business forward to get the results you want.

    How do I know this?

    I know this because we’ll be in a room together for 2 days and that will be the one and only focus.  As business owners, it’s hard to balance working ON and IN your business…it’s hard to balance being productive with being busy…it’s hard to balance all the day-to-day things that have to get done with your big vision and mission to move things forward.

    But at The 

    Implementation Coaching 

    Event,™ there’s not a question about whether or not you’ll implement and move your business forward. You’ll be away from your business and away from all the distractions. You will implement…you will get Immediate value from your investment and you will make more money because of it! You might even make money while we're together in Atlanta...starting your journey toward Doubling Your Income right there in the room!

  3. Exclusive & Unlimited ACCESS to me. One of the biggest benefits live events have over other forms of learning is you have LIVE access to the expert. We will be in the same room together for 2 full days (and there will be no more than 50 people there. It’s a small group so you’re not fighting for my time and attention with 500 or 5,000 other attendees).  If you have a question, you can ask me right then and there and I’ll help you strategize and come up with your plan.

    By now you should see how the 

    Implementation Coaching 

    Event™ is different and unlike any other you have ever attended. And more importantly, you should know by now if this event is for you.

    All you have to do now is take action…you get results by taking action...

Do You Like The Idea of…

  • An Award-Winning marketing and business strategist focused on YOUR business for 2 days?
  • A 17-year veteran business owner mapping out YOUR business with you?
  • 2 full days designed to work ON your business rather than you just being busy and working IN your business?
  • 100 days of follow-up after you go back to your office so you’re not left to do it alone?
  • Your marketing calendar done for the next 100 days so you (and your team) know exactly what you need to do every single day to get the results you want?
  • An intimate, small group of like-minded business owners all working together to achieve their goals?
  • A lifetime to make a difference in the lives of others that you impact as well your own family and business?
What’s This Worth To Your Business?

The Implementation Coaching Event™ is a small investment of only $597. It’s a fraction of the value you get when you attend and spend 2 days in full immersion with this small group of amazing business owners. The one event that I know of that is similar to this requires an investment 3 times this one, so I know the investment is more than fair…and I’ve set it at $597 so every business owner from the person still striving to hit 6 figures all the way up to those already at 7 figures will walk away with exactly what they want…and be 100% happy!

Several people who have attended this event have made money while they were there, many more are now regularly making more in one week than they previously did in a month, and you might be interested to know that about 41% of the people in the room at all of my events are people who have been before…here’s why they keep coming back:

“You Should Come To This Event Every Time It’s Offered…I Do”

“I’m here in Atlanta at Diane Conklin’s Implementation Coaching Event – this is my third time attending this event.

I’ve been to the first two, which is the reason I keep coming back, coming back and coming back. At the first event, I learned how to implement in an orderly fashion. At the second event, I got more done in 2 days than I had done in the previous 90 days of working on my own.

To get focused, to get competent advice, to bounce ideas off Diane is THE best.

I highly encourage anybody who wants to make more money in their business, have a successful life and have time to spend on other things as well, to come Diane's events every time they're available.”

Karolyn Blume
Author of Eat the Elephant Overcoming Overwhelm
Arlington, VA

“I Get So Much And I Start Implementing Things While I'm
At The Event”

“This is my third time at one of Diane Conklin’s Implementation events. Every time I come back, not only do I get something new, but I always get a sort of recharge to my battery because I get so much from Diane. I don’t even have to wait until I get home to implement new things and make more money in my business because I start while I’m here and it’s just so awesome.

I can’t wait to come back a fourth time!

Thank you Diane!”

Mariya Karchevskaya
The Good Designer
Marietta, Georgia

“I'm Already Signed Up For the
 Next Event”

“As a new business owner I had a lot of ideas but was not focused. Diane is a true motivator. She helped me gain focus, to decide which ideas are realistic and can produce income.

I am already signed up for her next seminar. I know I will continue to grow and be more profitable under her guidance.

Jenae Redmond
Adamstown, MD

Event Details


The Implementation Coaching Event


Atlanta, GA


Thursday, February 11th – Friday, February 12th


Please plan to arrive no later than Wednesday, February 10th


Saturday, February 13th, or after

Starting Times

We will begin promptly at 8:00am each day


We will finish each day by 6:00pm

Are You Ready For Growth, As Well
As Increased Results & Profits?
Join Me at the LAST EVER Implementation Coaching Event™!

REFUNDS & CANCELLATIONS: If something comes up and you can’t attend this event, you have up until 30 days before the event to let us know and we will issue a full refund. Since this is the last ever Implementation Coaching Event, you will not be able to apply your investment to the next event.

GUARANTEE: You know I can’t guarantee your results…because they depend on YOU!  What I can guarantee is the plan I design with you will work (if you implement it). I guarantee you will have fun. I guarantee you will get all of me for the time we have together. I guarantee you will get lunch served to you both days and have and unlimited supply of iced tea, water and coffee. AND, I guarantee this can and will change your business (and your life) if you simply let go and let it!


If you want to learn more about our amazing event you can always contact us directly.
We promise to answer all questions and respond to all inquiries.

Watch these inspiring stories from others
who have attended…
Shelly Stokes
Ferlie Almonte
Diana Perez
Sarah Davidson
Mariya Karchevskaya
Ed Pudlo
Christine Cirpino
Michael Craig
Danette Moss

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